About Us

Lasting Relationships

We take pride in developing long-term relationships with our customers built on trust and accountability in everything we do.

Through decades of successful project implementation and execution, we have developed a comprehensive approach that has elevated our service level far beyond the client/contractor model. At Rockport Contracting, you are working with a partner.

Our History

Rockport Contracting has over 50 years of experience in critical communication infrastructure installation and maintenance.

The Company constructs outside plant fiber optic systems including directional drilling, trench/saw, plow/spider-plow, aerial, pole setting, fiber blowing, and splicing services. We currently provide ISP services as needed in conjunction with our OSP work but have done extensive ISP-only and sensitive install work as well.

We work on FTTH, long-haul/backbone, lateral, enterprise, and tower/site projects. Rockport provides wireless and tower services from new site development of traditional towers to small cell projects, and everything in between, on a nationwide basis.

We also provide antenna and line work, base station services, DAS and small cell and specialty installs, tower/shelter mods, civils, and a full range of reporting and testing services. Rockport constructs projects in the United States and performs consulting and inspection services abroad.

The Company is based in the Houston, Texas area.